Tuesday, February 28, 2006


here is some lodging information to help you come and celebrate with us....

one of the cheapest options is to go together with some other folks who will be at the wedding and rent a house from windermere. you can see availablities and prices here: http://www.windermerevacationrentals.com/

a bed and breakfast is a great way to experience the island (right amy and cole???). you can find a list of all of them here: http://www.san-juan-island.net/ there will be a b&b hotline number on the website so you can call for availability and pricing.

there are other options a couple of hotels, etc. on the island - find out more here: www.travelsanjuan.com & http://www.lakedale.com/

for those of you who are more rugged and/or on a budget, there is lots of camping on the island in both public and private parks. go to them here: http://www.co.san-juan.wa.us/parks/sanjuan.html & http://www.lakedale.com/

if you absolutely positively cannot afford any of these options, please email me: bhull@hotmail.com and we will figure something out for you.


Hey everybody...this "blog" is really just a free way for us to communicate with our loved ones about our wedding plans.

so...here it goes:

WHEN: June 11, 2006 three o' clock in the afternoon

WHERE: San Juan Island Washington an outdoor location....most likely Cattle Point

I will post more information under different headings later - like links to places to stay, ferry schedules (yes, you DO have to take a boat to get there), itinerary for the weekend, etc.

Love you all so much....I am SO excited about this wedding and the union that it will celebrate...I cannot wait to be Bethany Hull-Somers (you didn't think i was actually gonna get rid of hull did you?)...

peace, bethany