Wednesday, October 27, 2010


so i'm sure if there were ever a perfect excuse for not keeping up on the ole' blog it is: I JUST GAVE BIRTH! 17 weeks ago nyah ione burst forth into the world and nothing will ever be the same again. i am SO thankful!

some highlights:

-seeing her for the first time and being so surprised by everything - her size (21 inches and 9 lbs. 7 oz), her hair (LOTS of it), her cry, her is a wonderful surprise!

-feeling the most intense love that a human can feel for another...i mean, i really LOVE my husband...but this love is amazingly unique and so wonderful...

-getting that first stretch of sleep that lasted more than 3 hours.

-watching her eyes turn from one shade of blue to another...

-getting to be exclusively at home with her for 6 weeks and then getting to bring her to church with me (with the help of generous "grannies" who volunteer to hold her and play with her).

-hearing her laughter for the very first time (i cried).

-watching her be so proud of herself when she stands up.

-the smile i get when i first see her in the morning... huge. world changing. smile.


this is cool...a word map of this blog...

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