Friday, August 22, 2008


one of the action items from my latest trip to kc for the nazarene women clergy council was the formation of a blog. it is designed to be an encouragement, resource, and online networking tool for ladies in ministry. it should be fun...check it out:

Saturday, August 16, 2008


i feel more human today...i feel as though perhaps my life may slow down enough for me to savor the living of it.
this morning i woke up in my own bed on a saturday with NOTHING in particular to do (and my husband did not run off to a side job - hallelujah!). it has been a blessing beyond imagination to have nothing planned, nothing scheduled, nowhere to run, nowhere to be...
today has been a good day...
beau and i made a fabulous brunch - waffles (from the waffle maker an elderly woman from the church bought for me at a garage sale), fresh fruit, bacon (mmmm), and a scramble that included herbs from my garden. i have worked in the yard - tending to my beauties (see above) and mowed the lawn...and it is only 1:30...ahhhhh.
i pray that you have a day (and soon) that is slow enough to savor.