Monday, January 05, 2009


my series of text studies, sermons and reflections on the 2009 lenten lectionary texts came out this weekend in preacher's magazine. you may peruse if you wish...go to: and then click on the "sermons for the season of lent" link on the left.

it was a fun project - i was so blessed to be invited to participate. have a happy first week back into the swing of things all - peace!

Saturday, January 03, 2009


it is already 2009. life is moving so fast. it was yesterday in 2004 i graduated from duke. last night in 2006 i married my best friend. and early this morning in 2007 i took on the biggest challenge of my life (my church). i am floored by how quickly all these milestones have fled could it possibly be 2009?

and yet, this sunday is the first sunday of the new year and i know God has amazing things in store...for our church...for my family...for little old me...and i know it will all pass like a vapor.

i cannot bring myself to have any "resolutions." my whole life is one resolution after another...falling, standing up, moving forward, being pushed back, taking a break along the way while sometimes seeing the cross cleary - other times...not so much...

my only prayer is that at the end of this year i will be closer to the One who formed me from the clay than i am today...

peace to your whole being - body, mind, and spirit. happy new year.