Monday, March 06, 2006


hey everybody,
most of you will want to get to the island on a ferry. find out more about ferry schedules here:
you can either bring your car across on the boat or walk on with a bike or just rely on your trusty sneakers. please note that this ferry schedule changes on the 10th of June (right smack in the middle of the wedding weekend) so i will post the other schedule as it becomes available.

-please give yourself PLENTY OF TIME to get on the ferry you are shooting for (nobody likes to miss a ferry). the lines in the spring are long so get there 1.5-2 hrs. early. don't worry, there is a coffee/sandwich/cheesecake shop in the terminal and a beach to play will be fun!
-please RSVP (to so we can get you lower rates on your ferry ticket!

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