Wednesday, February 07, 2007


beau and i attended a high school basketball game last night. as we were returning to our house through the parking lot behind our building and about to climb the stairs toward our door, a neighbor who was out for a smoke said, "you might not want to go up there." he continued - coors light can in hand - "there are two racoons up there and ... i think they're mating." in what could have been the single most random and hilarious moments in our lives, we looked up and saw it was indeed true. not three feet from our front door were two "coons"...uh, er....."together." we live in the CITY of seattle...we live nestled between a major road and a regional hospital...and here we were, with our furry friends getting a lesson in mammalian procreation. after we tried to give them some space, peeled ourselves off the pavement from laughing so hard, and beau took a couple of "videos" on his razr so we had proof - we (meaning beau) scared them away and we entered our house in a daze....

if all goes well, we should have more little racoons in our hood before the end of summer - who knows what kinds of adventures we will have our wild kingdom.

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