Thursday, May 24, 2007


i see this visage from my office...the sun is shining and the bees are buzzing in the flowers outside my window. the office is quiet today as our receptionist is at the doctor's office and our office administrator is off. it is just the quiet of the church, the bees buzzing and me.
we have moved in...we are officially residents of mount vernon, wa. it feels so good. we have begun the process of exploring...a couple of days ago walking to little mountain (being greeted the entire way by friendly natives), discovering the money saving JOYS of grocery outlet, and getting the much needed local library card.
i could write about the people with the unending vendetta against me...or how overwhelming it is sometimes to think about church finances...or just how many keys have to be on my keychain these days...but i would rather look at the mountain, know that i am home and be at peace. i pray the same for you this day.
God is abundantly good.

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