Tuesday, August 21, 2007


many of you know that there has been some "resistance" to me being the lead pastor of this church (you know...i am a GIRL!). it has been hard, but a good lesson in suffering and loving and forgiving...
there has been one person in particular that has seen it as a personal project to undermine me....with letters left on front porches of members, huge packets sent to my district superintendent, and anti-girl clergy rhetoric passed out in the foyer.
but this weekend we had a breakthrough...
we had a memorial time for a relative of this person...miracle number one: she came, miracle number two: she stayed through the sermon...miracle of all miracles: she spoke to me and HUGGED me after the service. it was such a suprise blessing to me...i had resigned myself to her hating me and then she was able to - in Christian love - reach beyond her convictions and embrace me...it was beautiful.
for those of you whom i've spoken to about this situation - you know how heavily it has laid on my heart. it was such a wonderful thing to know that God has been working His LOVE into this situation...from both sides.

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Rachel said...

Why is it that some of the most adamant people against women in ministry are women themselves?! I don't get it... But I feel for you and know how difficult it is to do ministry with that kind of spirit working against you. I will be praying for you...for more breakthrough moments like these. I'm convinced that's how all women pastor haters will come around...not by arguing and debating, but by experience the love of Christ through a women pastor... Keep it up, girl! ;)