Tuesday, March 25, 2008


yesterday morning i was detoxing from the frenzied activity of Holy Week by taking a long, sunlight filled walk to little mountain. the trees are beginning to bloom and the lilies in the ponds are beginning to come up...this world is so beautiful. izzy and i got back from our walk to hang for the day...
i started simply trying to decide how best to chill out - should i make coffee and THEN read my book or just start reading and make coffee later (usual sabbath questions). while i was debating this silly part of my day, the phone rang and it was my dear friend, amber's, dad. the first thing he said was, "david passed away this morning." david is amber's husband who has been one of beau's best friends for several years and has become a dear friend to me as well. david was diagnosed with leukemia three weeks ago and has dealt with every possible complication of chemo and various infections.
with those words - passed away - everything fell in fragments out of my brain and into my heart..."NO....NO....NO...." was pretty much all i could say. but despite my best efforts to disassemble the message, to reject it and have it come back differently, the fact persisted - david was gone.
calling beau was just as horrific as hearing it for myself - to hear the recognition of grief in his voice...it is hard enough to accept a difficult truth in your own heart, but to watch it wound those you love is unbearable.
david was only 26. he leaves behind a beautiful wife (widow at age 23) and two sweet little girls - alaina, 3 and tia, 14 months.
david was fearless in the face of this illness and confident in God's grace and plan. i know that He is in perfect peace and joy and that all the mysteries of the universe are unlocked for him. yesterday, in between tears, i kept marveling at all the answers to questions he knows now...of how perfectly he is experiencing Love now...
but none of those thoughts take away the pain of his loss. so today we mourn deeply the loss of life too young...we will miss you dave.
Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy.

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