Wednesday, December 17, 2008


i never understood why adults were so LAME....why they didn't want it to snow because it messed with their plans. well, now i know. tonight was supposed to be the dress rehearsal for the kids christmas production (which i am directing) and it is a blizzard outside. the weather has officially screwed up my plans.
i'm making the best of it though...walking with my dogs, making soup, and trying to get work done from home. the dress rehearsal is rescheduled for saturday - please Lord, let it NOT snow on saturday and sunday. ;) i guess i will deal and take this weather imposed slow/snow day for much needed advent REST.
i pray that from wherever you read this you are warm and dry and o.k. with whatever change of plans has occured in your life lately.

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Taryn said...

I totally understand where "adults" are coming from now, too. On the day you wrote this, our new baby was 3 days old, and none of our wonderful gals from church could make it over to help out all week because of the snow... Other than that, and the fact they wouldn't let me shovel any snow (an activity I LOVE), it was a nice week... and the snow made her first week very peaceful and quiet :)