Monday, October 09, 2006

I'M A TERRIBLE PERSON the previous post suggests, i am now officially a "myspace" person. creepy, i know...i am probably too old, but deal with it.
one of the things that has been disturbing to me is tonight i decided to scare up some old friends to be my myspace "friends"....i went to all my schools and started checking out profiles...i ran into quite a few people that i lies the disturbance to my soul...i saw myspace profiles of people that i have loved deeply - that i have lived in the same house with, that i have shared joys and sorrows with, that i have seen every day and been in community with....whom i don't even speak to anymore....
don't get me wrong, there were never any falling outs, just slow falling aways...i am very good at beginning in new places - sometimes too good and so focused on the present that i forget the past. i don't think there is any excuse for that.
i hope that i can connect with all of my precious ones whom i have loved throughout the journey of my life...if myspace helps, hallelujah...regardless, i will try to remember in the future, to be more grounded in the past as i reach out to the unknown.

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