Thursday, January 24, 2008


my husband just informed me that there are christian groups who are claiming that heath ledger died tragically at the age of 28 because he played a gay man in brokeback mountain. this is the stupidest theology i have ever heard...
as a pastor, people are constantly coming to me upset because "how can bad things happen to good people..." everyone has countless examples of wonderful people who were stricken with horrible maladies...
interesting how quickly some will interpret the most basic and universal consequences of living in a fallen world - death, sickness, crazy and unintentional overdoses of sleeping medication for a depressed and tired young man - as God's judgment against the individual when God has already cast His final judgment on humanity...and His arms were nailed open to do so...proving God's love.
IF God were going to kill someone for something (which in the free will He has given us does not come into play) i think we would need to look at someone who has perpetrated ACTUAL evil (i'm thinking along the lines of child rape, murder, perhaps genocide) and not an artist who was simply holding a picture of our culture in front of our eyes.

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