Tuesday, February 03, 2009


the kids in my church are hilarious. they are creative and kind and silly. i am so thankful to be their pastor and glad that they are not embarrassed to talk to me, give me drawings, and give me hugs.

on the last sunday of the month at our church the kids worship with the adults. we have a special children's sermon time and at the end of the service we all partake of communion together.

last week was the last sunday of the month and we had our multi-generational worship and sacrament day. when it came time to serve one of the kids who is particularly hilarious and hyper (folks at mvcn will know him as noah), beau and i bent over and i said, "the body of Christ broken for you, noah," and beau told him, "the blood of
Christ shed for you, noah." noah peered his sweet little four year old head over the chalice and said, "man, that is a LOT of blood."

it was so sweet. it is so true. it took a lot of blood to cover every one...even me. a lot of blood so there is plenty to go around - always enough. thanks be to God!

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Giordi said...

Leave it to Noah. I'm sure there was an interesting conversation in the car on the way home.