Tuesday, March 09, 2010


i am 25 weeks pregnant. that means i am a couple of weeks into my sixth month and final trimester. this is scary. this means that within 12 weeks my little girl will be fully in the world - pooping, crying, squirming around in my arms (not in my belly)...this fact is at once exhiliratingly exciting and terrifying.

but my excitement and terror is not what this post is about. this post is about me getting fat, or, er... "growing." yeah, i am only 6 months along and i have already gained 30 lbs. now for those of you who have not had a baby lately, the recommended TOTAL weight gain for pregnancy these days is between 15 and 30 lbs. yeah, three months to go and i am already at the top of the "should gain" scale.

my doctor assures me that everything is as it should be. i still fit in my same size - albeit pregnancy attire, my belly is growing at a normal rate, and the offending weight gain seems to be mostly an effort by my body to feed my yet to be born daughter (if you don't get this subtle hint, don't ask). but even with my doctors platitudes, i still feel like a bit of a porker. i have always been naturally thin. just this last year was the first time that i have ever been in the category ranked "thin/normal" rather than "thin" on the weight/height ratio scale. i have always exercised and been fairly reasonable about what i eat. but i have also had the freedom to eat sweets and other things when i wanted.

perhaps because of the aforementioned freedom and perhaps because i am simply a member of the human race, but i do not like diets. i am not good at diets. i love sweets. especially baked goods. and ice cream. and twix bars (this is pregnancy's fault - normally i'm not that into candy). so when my doctor suggests just cutting out a few calories here and there, i balk.

i am seriously skeptical of her when she says things like, "just ask for it without whip cream or ice cream," is she serious???? or my friend/yoga instructor who suggests, "just eat lots of fruit, you know, smoothies with yogurt and sweetened with a little bit of honey." does she honestly eat that as dessert???
when they say stuff like that i just smile at them and think, "yeah right." is that bad of me? beau thinks i should start practicing now being a good example of eating for our child. i want to be a good example for eating, but does that mean i have to have smoothies for dessert?

...i think i'll worry about it later and for now just eat this miniature twix bar and get back to planning the good friday service.


Bonnie said...

Beth, have you asked God what he thinks?

Amber said...

Aww Bethany, have no fear. Yes, you have gained for Baby, but there is no reason for you to worry about it right now. Like you said in your blog you have always exercised and eatten relatively well. My guess is you will be back to doing those things as soon as your precious grl gets hee and you will probably be surprised at how quickly you lose the weight. I on the other hand did not start out with those good habits. So it took me 5.5 years, but I am finally below the weight I was when we first found out about Alaina. Anyway, be encouraged. You are gorgeous and you are carrying a precious miricale from our Father! Enjoy this time and just trust that the weight will go away before you know it! Love you and I can't wait to meet your sweet little girl!!!

Giordi said...

Is that picture at the top you???

bethany said...

no giord - it was a candid i took of you last week...good thing your personal trainer is going to make a body builder out of you. ;)

bonnie, amber - thanks ladies...i am comfortable with the weight, just not the prospect of drinking a smoothie for dessert (i like smoothies, but c'mon!). love you girls (you too giordi).

Karen said...

smoothies to go with the gooey baked good! I have on good authority that your genes will treat you well. :)
Enjoy the last few weeks.