Monday, March 05, 2007


there are days that i am tempted to assume the worst...assume the worst possible outcome, assume failure, assume that the opposite of what i want to happen will inevitably happen. thankfully, my husband has noticed this and speaks truth into my life - tells me it is NOT cool to torment myself in this way...that it is o.k. to hope, that it is o.k. to assume the best until i know otherwise. i have been praying about this a lot today...walked and walked and prayed...faced my face toward the sun and prayed....stared at the immensity of the cascades and prayed and HOPED to believe...i feel like the man in mark - "Lord I believe, help my disbelief."

this is my prayer today - in the face of all that is unkown - for HOPE...Lord, i my disbelief....Lord, i my hopelessness...

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