Wednesday, March 28, 2007


yesterday was my first day at "work." i went to the life care convalescent center for a Bible study with those folks (they are precious and i cannot wait to get to know them more), i got my keys (my key chain finally feels the right weight again with all the classroom, office, kitchen keys on it), i cleaned out my office (dog a head pastor's office?), i learned where the supplies are kept, i kept forgetting that i had my own bathroom in my office and trekked down the hall...i can hardly believe this is my life. i am SO happy. i already have people pledging their support and others swearing they will leave...welcome to the church. i cannot imagine doing what i am doing so i am just going to have to live it out and see how it feels...the beauty and the underbelly....the joys and sorrows...all the while praying, Lord Christ, be glorified in me...
prayer request: please pray that we find a house...we've already made an offer on one and lost out on it.

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