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    Here are directions to the various wedding venues. Please copy and paste these so that you have them for the weekend. All on-island directions are from the Ferry terminal/slip in Friday Harbor, so please adjust from your location accordingly.

    1) Getting to the island.
    By Car - Washington State Ferries 800.843.3779
    Vague directions to Anacortes for ferry to Friday Harbor
    From Interstate 5, go north beyond Mt. Vernon, take exit 230 to highway 20, head west to Anacortes. Travel time about 1 1/2 hours from Seattle.
    Parking is available at the ferry terminal area for walk-ons. Allow enough time! (Can be lengthy in summers.) See ferry schedule
    By Boat - Victoria Clipper 206.448.5000

    By Air - Kenmore Air 800.543.9595

    By Air - San Juan Airlines 800.874.4434

    2) General map of San Juan Island: useful to have for folks:

    3) Directions to American Camp/Cattle Point Interpretive Center (where the "rehearsal", the wedding and the "rehearsal dinner" are scheduled ):

    Start out going NORTHWEST on S FRONT ST toward FRONT ST N.
    <0.1 miles

    Turn LEFT onto SPRING ST. (up the hill at the traffic circle)
    0.1 miles

    Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto ARGYLE AVE. Take it to the end
    1.0 miles

    Turn LEFT onto CATTLE POINT RD. (twists and turns, but stick with it)
    8.1 miles

    You will pass the interpretive center for American Camp (about 6.6 miles from the start), then later the access to South Beach (where the rehearsal dinner is scheduled). The turn is well marked, just about a mile before getting to the Cattle Point Interpretive Center parking area (on your right)
    End at Cattle Point Interpretive Center (just past the lighthouse on your right, a small block house and parking area on your right)]

    Total Est. Distance: 9.42 miles

    4) The Friday Harbor Grange (where the reception is scheduled)
    San Juan Island Grange, 152 1st St. N
    An alternate map of Friday harbor gives more city detail. The Grange is the building on the left side, just below the arrow that says "stairway" on this map. A couple buildings left of the Whale Museum.
    5) To Cole & Amy Hull's home on San Juan Island.

    To get actual mapquest directions to our house, and a printable map, go to

    Once in Friday Harbor, coming off the Ferry, follow the following directions.
    --As you get off the end of the Ferry Dock you have to turn Right (Front St.: it is a one way, so don't try anything else)
    --Pretty much right away (50 feet), you will come to a traffic circle (they are renovating it, so you may not be able to go around it, but if you can do so), you want to go left there, up the hill on Spring Street (the main street in town). These first 2 steps are essentially following the flow of 97% of all the traffic coming off the ferry, and is easy enough.
    --Once on Spring St., go 2 quick blocks up. First is called "1st St.", 2nd is "2nd St." Take a right on 2nd St.
    --For some bizarre reason, this street changes names several times, but essentially you want to stay on it right out of town. It will twist and turn, but stick with it. It goes from 2nd St., to Guard St., then Beaverton Valley Road (as you leave town).
    --About 3 miles out of town, turn right onto Egg Lake Rd. It is just past Synergy Farms (yellow buildings) on your left, and just opposite a big rock sitting in a field with slogans and painting all over it on your left.
    --After about .9 miles turn left onto Three Corner Lake Rd. (it comes just after a particularly curvy section of the road at the bottom of a slight hill: long road sign, and sharp turn).
    --Once on Three Corner Lake Rd., you want to just go .3 miles to a Y, with a small rural fire station on your left. Take the right hand branch: Miller Rd.
    --We are essentially .2 miles up Miller on your right: there is an arch over the drive which says "High Country", 2 mailboxes. Essentially the 5th house/drive on your right after getting on Miller, at the top of the first long hill. 396 Miller Rd.
    --Once in the drive, we are the log house on your left with a funny upper story. Brown minivan and white truck may be parked there. Watch for dogs, cats, and little children!

    ) Lonesome Cove: Where much of Beau's family is staying
    These directions bring you to the Resort from downtown Friday Harbor.

    --If you're at the ferry dock, turn right on First Street then take you're first left and you'll be on Spring Street
    --Turn right on Second Street (Friday Harbor Drug Store is on the left hand corner)
    --Go 0.40 mile and turn right on Tucker Street (which turns into Roche Harbor Road)
    --Continue 7.7 miles to Rouleau Road and turn right
    --Continue for 1.1 miles to Limestone Point Road and turn right
    --Continue for 0.40 mile to Lonesome Cove Road and turn left
    --Lonesome Cove Road ends at the Resort
    7) Lakedale Resort: Where much of Bethany's family is staying 4313 Roche Harbor Road

    From Friday Harbor’s Ferry Terminal: Initial directions are the same as to Lonesome Cove
    • Follow the flow of traffic; take a right turn on Second Street,
    then turn right on Tucker Avenue.
    • Tucker turns into Roche Harbor Road.
    • Follow until you get to 4313 Roche Harbor Road.
    • They are about 4 1/2 miles from the ferry landing with a large sign on your left.

    8) To San Juan Excursions (the Whale Watch Company we are going with Saturday evening)

    They are located at the very bottom of Spring Street (the main street in Friday Harbor), in a complex called Spring Street Landing, #2. From the ferry slip it is about a hundred yards away (north). Also very close to the Port of Friday Harbor and the San Juan Island Grange Hall. Just on the water side and slightly to the north of the traffic circle at the intersection of Spring Street and Front Street. Next to and beneath the Downriggers Restaurant, you will see a number of shops and a small parking area, dominated by whale watch, diving, and kayaking enterprises. Do not park in their lot, unless it is to drop off and pick up. They can give you instructions as to the best spot to park for the whale watch. Because we are going out in the evening, on-street parking is not a problem (i.e. you will not be subject to ticketing for staying too long in a 1 hour zone, etc.)

    If you need more specifics about any of these sets of directions, or maps, feel free to contact Cole or Amy Hull at 360-378-1335 or

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