Friday, May 12, 2006


Yes yes yes...three posts in as many days, what will I do with my time after this wedding??? Oh yeah...HONEYMOON! Now, down to the real reason for this post: DO YOU WANT TO SAVE ABOUT 25% ON YOUR FERRY TICKETS??? If you want to get a discounted ferry ticket you can do so one of two ways - you could go to the ferry terminal in Seattle or the ferry terminal in Anacortes and buy them (they come in packs of 5 I think) OR you could tell me ASAP. I will be getting discounted ferry tickets when I go up next week (for my immediate family and for Uncle Gene because he has expressed interest) - I am happy to get tickets for anyone else if you just let me know - There are discounted ferry tickets for walk ons too...just let me know if you need them and are interested in the discount. For Beau's family - Annie and Buck will be going up this weekend and can buy some for you all too if that is easier...just get in touch with them!

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