Thursday, May 25, 2006


Hey everybody - 2 weeks and we will all be relaxing on beautiful San Juan Island....ahhhhhhh... But first, I wanted people to know that it is NOT TOO LATE TO BUY CHEAP FERRY TICKETS - Beau and I bought ten just for friends and family who did not order them before. We have 7 left...These tickets are GREAT - the "regular" fare for car + driver is $49.98 + tax and these tickets will only cost you $27.50 (!). If you have passengers, you will still have to pay per passenger but it gives you a huge break to start with the discounted car + driver ticket. June 11th is quickly approaching and you will kick yourself if you get to Anacortes and have to pay full price, if you would like a cheap ticket, get ahold of us NOW - or - you may have to cut and paste our emails into your email account because I don't think it works to just click on sure to scroll down for itinerary, directions, links to ferry schedules, etc. Much Love to you all, b&b

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