Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Hey everybody - only 10 days (my nightmares of not fitting in dresses and grange halls decorated in giant blue bows are at an all time high) but so is my excitement for the big day! This is for those of you who are planning on walking on the ferry on Sunday, June 11th (our future anniversary). The latest ferry that you can walk on and still get to the wedding is the 11:05 a.m. - if you get on any later ferry you will miss the wedding. Remember that even though you are walking on you still need to get to the Anacortes ferry dock a little early (shoot for 30-45 minutes early) so that you can secure parking, etc. The best place to park (i.e. cheapest) is before you get to the ferry terminal on the right, the next driveway after Billy Ray's Restaurant (if you see Charlie's on the left, you have gone too far). This little parking lot is cheaper than the big ferry lots but is dirt and requires cash (you can pay with a credit card on the paved terminal lots). Once you have parked, walk up to the ferry terminal (just walk toward the big boats and ferry slip) and buy your tickets - relax enjoy the beautiful ride! When you arrive in Friday Harbor you will have to disembark from the car deck. Once you get in town you may want to get some coffee or food or peruse the shops - all of which are within walking distance to the ferry dock and the grange hall. Remember that if you want to help decorate the Grange Hall you can be there at 1 p.m. (or as early as you can) and offer some help. The following are directions to get to the Grange Hall where, at 2:30, there will be shuttles to pick up guests and bring them to the wedding site: At the end of the ferry dock (after you walk off the boat) turn right - you will be on Front St., at the turnabout (next street) make a left on Spring St., walk for a couple of blocks and turn right onto First St. - the Grange Hall is about three blocks up next door to the Whale Watching Museum. If you get lost, ask an islander - they are friendly! Remember, you can wear whatever you want to the wedding - so dress comfortably so you will enjoy the ride, walking around, etc. Also, we will have a BIG feast at about 4 p.m. so don't get too full. ;) Alright you all - I look forward to seeing you very soon and I will be the one with a white dress and a huge smile! Love you guys! -b

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